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Galina DolintaGalina DolintaFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr Jeff was amazing! I was initially very nervous, as everyone is in the beginning, but he was very wonderful, funny and remeasured me after just my first visit!

Jennifer SousaJennifer Sousa Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr. Kelsey Hudson is just phenomenal! With every session my sleep, neck pain and headches are improved.

Zandrea MarketingRep Zandrea Ide Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

The doctors and staff are extremely caring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a place that is more scientific based at their technique. They know what they are doing and they care… and it really shows.

Nikita SarychevNikita Sarychev Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Just came in to have my spine adjusted from a skateboarding injury from yesterday. Dr Kelsey was amazing, this was my first chiro visit and I’m so glad I came in. I’m already feeling the benefits, can walk better and actually do day to day tasks. Highly recommend them!

Bailey Van SBailey Van S Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

I called to schedule an appointment for my dad and Brandy who said she was new to the front desk made everything so easy for me! She was able to give me a detailed list of pricing and what would go on during the consultation. Honestly the best desk service I’ve ever had! If you’re all about customer service before using a place of business this is the place to go! Thank you so much Brandy!

Tito G. Del ValleTito G. Del Valle Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

I’ve been coming here since the start of 2018. My original treatment plan was 3x a week for 3 months. I had an old basketball shoulder injury that Dr Robinson has helped me with. I was pessimistic about the treatment at first, but i have come to truly value my visits. At the worst of it i couldn’t sleep on my side, i couldn’t reach for anything in the back seat of my car, and sometimes i even struggled putting on/taking off my button up shirts. I now come in every few weeks when i think it is necessary. I recommend Pro Health 100% and encourage you call them if you’re searching for a chiropractor.

Rona CatlinRona Catlin Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

I have had low back issues since college. I also broke my ankles more than 20 years ago. All of this added up to pain that I figured I just had to live with but when it got so bad that I was having trouble being on my feet long enough to do basic household chores I decided to see if anything could be done.

I have been seeing Dr. Robinson for about 2 months now and I see big improvements already. I highly recommend the whole team.

Laura SpuurLaura SpuurFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

I’m so thankful for Dr Jeff and his excellent care. He gave a very thorough diagnosis and treatment plan and a couple of months after his care my shoulder was pain free

Roman PetkeviciusRoman PetkeviciusFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

I went to Dr. Robinson with a lower back issue that made standing for more than a couple minutes, extremely uncomfortable. From the start, the entire experience at ProHealth Chiropractic has been outstanding. The staff is extremely welcoming and attentive. I have had 6 treatments with Dr. Robinson and his assistant, each one making a measurable and incremental improvement. I would recommend ProHealth Chiropractic to anyone and will do so whenever the opportunity presents. Thank you!!!!

Marika FugateMarika FugateFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

Always have great experiences with Dr. Jeff & his wonderful staff! He’s even been adjusting my son since he was a couple weeks old. Great office for families. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Chiropractor. 🙂

Alyssa LutzAlyssa LutzFamily Chiropractor Houston Heights

I first started going to ProHealth Chiropractic when I wasn’t satisfied with a doctor ‘s recommendation of rest and medication for a knee injury that was causing extreme pain and immobility in other areas of my body. I needed another, more proactive solution that didn’t depend on medication to function! I found ProHealth through a family member, and the whole team provided a welcoming experience from the second I walked in the door. The treatment has been great-it makes me feel like I’m focusing on the root of the problems, rather than temporarily relieving the symptoms. I would definitely recommend services to my friends and family-and anyone looking for an approach that looks at how the body works and responds, holistically!

Maricruz AcunaMaricruz Acuna Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

I decided to try ProHealth after unsuccessfully trying with others to rehabilitate myself from a 3 year old sports injury. It was definitely a process but I slowly but surely did find relief and a big improvement! Additionally, the staff was super courteous, professional, fun and friendly and I looked forward to seeing them at each visit. Give Dr. Jeff and his staff a try!

Joe SchafbuchJoe Schafbuch Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

I was at a loss to find a solution to upper body stress, lethargy, and headaches I had been feeling for a couple of years. In lieu of medication, I decided to try a couple of sessions with a referred Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Robinson to see if he could provide any relief. After a complimentary consult and eye-opening presentation of my current posture and related symptoms, I enlisted in a maintenance plan over the next 5 months. With each session I felt my issues dissipate and over time discovered renewed spirit and vigor. My posture has been renewed and changes to my back and shoulders have been a blessing. Dr. Robinson’s staff is fun and friendly – always on top of scheduling and reminders. The office also offers massages which provide a great addition to the maintenance plan. I am continuing to visit for regular tune-ups and look forward to continued well-being.


Jeff MillerJeff Miller Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Dr. Jeff did an excellent job of explaining the overall AMIT methodology, and helps you feel comfortable with the process. I’m still very early in the process and thus far I definitely look forward to continuing and improving my aches and pains!


Elise HolcombeElise Holcombe Family Chiropractor Houston Heights

Ive been a patient a ProHealth Chiropractic for several months now. I am really glad I stuck with it because Im finally seeing significant changes as a result of the treatments I get there. Im hopeful that my long standing back pain (unresponsive to over 30 different treatments previous to my starting at ProHealth Chiropractic) will eventually be fully resolved. Dr. Robinson and the staff are all very friendly and I feel like part of the family.

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