A Runner’s Success Story With Muscle Activation & Cold Laser Therapy

A Runner’s Success Story With Muscle Activation & Cold Laser Therapy

This is a transcribed & edited version of a video testimonial by one of our patients (recorded March 2017). You can watch the full video testimonial on our Youtube Channel at ProHealth Chiropractic.

Hi I’m Steve. I met Jeff Robinson about 15 or 16 months ago. I’ve been a lifelong athlete ever since grade school and over that time accumulated a number of injuries that culminated the year I turned 60. At that time I was a national level triathlete and I developed some pain in my achilles that never went away. [It] actually ended my career. I wasn’t able to run (running was my strongest event, I had been a marathoner before getting into multisport)…I was no longer able to run pain-free. I turn 67 next month and through just a coincidence a friend of mine asked me if I was competing because I’d been very enthusiastic and I said “No, I haven’t been doing it for over 5 years,” and they suggested that I look into Active Release Technique.

[I] Googled it immediately … it turned out that I came across Jeff Robinson who literally his office was less than a mile from my house. I made an appointment and talked to him and he suggested a program … advanced muscle integration technique which included A.R.T (Active Release Technique) [and] some other ideas that just made sense when he described them to me and quite frankly I’d reached the point that I had tried podiatrists, physical therapists, chiropractors, sports medicine, anything to try and fix my achilles and nothing that really worked and running was painful. Running has been something I’ve done since I was in elementary school and was always a real physical and emotional release for me so this was really a loss.

Literally within 2 weeks, I had discovered I had a variety of scar tissue in my leg from all my previous activities…  massage therapists had not been able to break it up. I had very balled up scar tissue in the muscles in my calf as well as some scar tissue from marathoning in my hamstring. Using the cold laser technique, those were starting to get broken up; and as they did, the tension in my leg diminished. I was able to relax more of the soft tissue in my leg and my achilles felt less and less strain; to the point that I could start running every other day. Recently, we’ve broken it up enough (and it took a long time because of the athletic activities that I had I had a lot of scar tissue to break up) I’m now able to run every day.

Having given all my Triathlon equipment away, I now have to start rebuying it because I’m going back to doing duathlons. Without the the work that Jeff did on me, I know I wouldn’t be here. It’s been a real success for me and really saved one of the things I enjoy doing the most.