New Year’s Resolutions That Also Promote A Healthy Spine

New Year’s Resolutions That Also Promote A Healthy Spine

Happy New Year! Its always this time in January that people begin thinking about what they would like to do for their New Year’s Resolutions! One of the most common things that people tend to want to focus on is their health. Whether you want to start a new diet, or pick up a gym membership, its safe to say health is definitely high up in the priority list. Here are some helpful tips for a healthy Spine! Some of them are probably already on your list!

Exercise: There are so many benefits to exercising and one of them is having a healthier spine! The best part is, you do not need a gym membership to exercise! Even just taking a walk everyday is better than nothing at all.

Eat Better: Food affects inflammation and pain. A poor nutrition can increase inflammation in your body; making it harder to heal. Eat fresh, raw or steamed vegetables everyday to help reduce inflammation and to encourage a healthier spine.

Stress Less: We know we need to exercise and eat the right foods to take care of our bodies, but did you know that taking care of your mental is also important for your overall health? Whether you relax by meditation, prayer, or even just going outside to catch some fresh air, decreasing your stress levels helps your immune system to reduce pain flare-ups.

Get Adjusted: Most people don’t start thinking about getting a chiropractic adjustment until they are already experiencing pain. However, there are many appropriate reasons to get adjusted including: living an active lifestyle, a job with a lot of repetitive motion, and even headaches. A healthy spine helps support the rest of the body to function normally.

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