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Improve your quality of life through chiropractic.

Chiropractic care offers a high-quality approach to healthcare for those looking for a drug-free alternative to health and well-being and for an approach that seeks to truly understand and address the underlying cause rather than attempting to treat the effect—the symptoms.

As chiropractors, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Kelsey focus on your health by addressing the function of your nervous system. You may be surprised to hear that your body and brain’s ability to communicate is facilitated by the nervous system. The chemical, physical and emotional stresses of life can cause subluxations that interfere with the communication between your brain and body. If there is interference in your nervous system, your brain and body can’t communicate with each other as they should. Our goal is to make sure that your body has the tools it needs to remove the interference, allowing you to adapt to stresses, operate at your highest capacity, and live your best life.


Oh gosh, there aren’t enough good things I could say about this place. I’ve been a client here for over a year and I love coming in. The staff is amazing and has helped tremendously with various issues I previously had. I got into a bad car accident and suffered a shoulder injury with no success in finding the right help. That added with headaches, I was basically running off Advil and no sleep. They were so helpful and gave me the best option for treatment. My headaches are basically non existent, my shoulder rarely hurts, and my sleep has improved drastically!


I've been coming every week for almost a year and a half and have noticed a significant improvement in my posture and joint pain. The doctors are great and super personable! The staff are all super nice and very LGBTQ friendly. I highly recommend ProHealth to anyone looking for chiropractic care!


I found this place online one day when my lower back was killing me. I could not sit nor fully stand and the pain was unbearable. I called ProHealth Clinic & they got me in same day for an evaluation & adjustment. From the front desk receptionist to the staff that attended me, everyone was friendly and made
me feel welcomed. They explained the process & what I required to start feeling better which I found very helpful. Over the course of two months, I have been going in 2x a week. My posture, flexibility, lower back, and neck have improved a lot. 

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