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A message to our patients about  COVID-19 

ProHealth Chiropractic is doing everything possible to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our patients and our team. We are still accepting new patients as well as serving our established patients.

Here are some of the practices that we have adopted with the guidance of the CDC, our state regulations, and our Oregon chiropractic board:


MASKS – As of the most recent update on April  1st 2023, masks are no longer required to enter our office or receive any services.If you would feel more comfortable with continuing to wear a mask and have your doctor wear a mask during your treatment time, please let us know when entering the office for your appointment.

HANDS SANITIZED – As always, the doctors are washing their hands or using hand sanitizer in between each family or individual being treated.

TABLES SANITIZED – The tables are sanitized after each patient and/or family being treated. The tables and all equipment are also deep sanitized multiple times a day.

We are here to serve each of you in any way we can for you to feel protected and safe. If you have any concerns not specifically listed here, all you have to do is talk to us so we can accommodate your request.

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