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Digital X-Ray

ProHealth Chiropractic has a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine in office. During your initial appointment the doctors will determine whether or not you will require an x-ray based on your health history and current complaint. Not only is it the gold standard to rule out fracture or to diagnose recent musculoskeletal trauma or contraindications to adjustments, but it is also a fantastic diagnostic tool to assess for the presence of any spinal degeneration.
Radiography of a standing patient provides important spine and postural data which allows our doctors to create a customized rehabilitation program specific to your spinal misalignment. Additionally, we have the capability to perform motion study x-rays which allow us to assess for spinal stability and to demonstrate how subluxations interfere with healthy spinal movement.
A standard digital x-ray releases less radiation than you would be exposed to flying on a cross-country flight, and we prioritize your safety with the use of shields and digital collimation. Ultimately, to see is to know, and when it comes to your health we don’t want to guess! All new patients in our office that qualify to use our digital x-ray machine will get the opportunity to have them done and our licensed radiologist will review them for you. We hope that you can leave our office feeling like you've learned more about your body and what the next steps will be to improve your lifestyle. 

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