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Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic care offers a high-quality approach to healthcare for those looking for a drug-free alternative to health and well-being and for an approach that seeks to truly understand and address the underlying cause rather than attempting to treat the effect—the symptoms.

As chiropractors, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Kelsey focus on your health by addressing the function of your nervous system. You may be surprised to hear that your body and brain’s ability to communicate is facilitated by the nervous system. The chemical, physical and emotional stresses of life can cause subluxations that interfere with the communication between your brain and body. If there is interference in your nervous system, your brain and body can’t communicate with each other as they should. Our goal is to make sure that your body has the tools it needs to remove the interference, allowing you to adapt to stresses, operate at your highest capacity, and live your best life.


Our Popular Techniques

Our techniques are gentle and customized to each practice member. Whether you’re pregnant, a newly born baby, a struggling child or experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, you are in the right place and we are able to serve you. Our approaches include:

  •  Diversified

  •  Drop Table

  •  Arthrostim

  •  Webster Technique

  •  Cranio-Sacral Technique

The Benefits of Chiropractic

When you mention chiropractic, the relief of back and neck pain may come to mind. Although pain relief is not our primary focus, it is one of the many benefits. We provide care that focuses on helping you express your full potential for health, and there are a host of positive “side effects” that our practice members have experienced:

  •  Improved ability to focus

  •  Increased energy

  •  Boosted immune system

  •  Greater comfort during pregnancy

  •  Relief from digestive discomfort, colic and reflux

  •  Increased sense of well-being

  •  Decreased stress

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